Thursday, 18 October 2007

Recommendations for Nuno Batista

Co-workers that recommend Nuno Batista, published on the Internet at LinkedIn:

– “Nuno is highly professional in his work, very well organized, proactive, brings important added value in a team and is always ready to help his colleagues.” October 19, 2007
Inês Cardoso, Trade Marketing Manager, tesa Portugal, worked directly with Nuno at tesa Portugal

– “In my 8 years marketing experience, I consider Nuno as "the reference" in the KAMs market. His professionalism, his experience and his efficient way of working makes all the difference. Nuno is the real meaning of the word KAM!” April 18, 2007
Miguel Saraiva, Marketing Manager, tesa Portugal worked directly with Nuno at tesa Portugal

– “Nuno Batista is an excellent employee. Highly creative, IT oriented and with a clear view on the sales targets that allow business to growth. He looks quite promising in a sales carrier.” April 10, 2007
Ricardo Coelho, Sales Channel Manager, tesa Portugal managed Nuno at tesa Portugal

– “Nuno is an excellent worker. He is very organized and customer oriented. Good team work. The perfect colleague to work with” April 9, 2007
Carla Gonçalves, Product Manager, tesa Portugal managed Nuno indirectly at tesa Portugal

− “O Nuno foi um dos meus primeiros alunos e já na altura revelou excelentes qualidades técnicas e uma atitude extraordinária para ultrapassar os obstáculos.” December 20, 2007
Bruno Valverde Cota, Scientific Director and Marketing Professor, Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa

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