Wednesday, 5 March 2008

How Do We Personalize The Social Web?

Profiles on social networks all contain pretty much the same information about people, name, experience, location, bio etc.The social web has become the largest database of resumes with pictures, connected friends and depending on the network a host of other applications, i.e. Facebook.The data contained in a profile provides the very basic information necessary for people to determine if there is synergy for a possible relationship for multiple reasons. However what appears to be missing is a personal touch to better identify people on a personal and human level.
What if we could experience a person introducing themselves and hear them express who they are and what they are about? Would that further the “personalization” of the social web?

A Shift to More Personalization
Recently we were introduced to a unique video application that enables people to personalize who they are and what they are about throughout the social web.
People can now instantly create video’s that are superimpose over their profiles, blogs or web sites and deliver short or long messages then fad away. The application enables users to create different messages for different days, different platforms or different blogs. Everything is customizable including the video wrapper look and feel as well as feeds in and around the wrapper. A unique approach that helps “personalizes” the social web.
Now imagine an inventory of different wrappers and the ability to change up the wrapper and the video message as often as you’d like.
Imagine when people land on your profile your there to personally announce yourself and new things your involved with or looking for.
Imagine delivering “news” about yourself or your company wrapped in a screen that looks like Fox News or CNN.
Imagine having a screen wrap with your company logo and image and talking about what your company provides or the special news about your company.
Imagine selling your profile intro within the virtual space to a sponsor or advertiser.
Imagine being able to broadcast anything, everything and doing so everywhere, blogs, profiles etc. with different messages and different wrappers and you have totally control over the content, length, style, message and frequency.
Imagine telling the world about you and giving them the next dimension of interaction and human touch…….imagine no further.
Self expression has become the “storm” created by the masses. The movement is now shifting forward with the introduction of GoYoDeo, a multimedia tool that enhances self expression beyond simply text and images.
GoYoDeo enables users, marketers, business to create and super impose an interactive audio and video message over social network profiles, blogs, Wiki’s and every kind of social media within the landscape of the social web.
GoYoDeo enables users, businesses and media to create their own interactive multimedia message on the fly and use the tool as both a broadcasting medium of introduction or promotion throughout the social web. The GoYoDeo utility is easy to use and anyone can upload customized messages wrapped in a container that suits their style, their message, the platform of use or the community image.
The utility is free to users and available for customization by commercial concerns, media, businesses and institutions wishing to create the next and most interactive media experience within the social web.
Self expression has just been shifted to a new level and possibilities are endless to those individuals and businesses wishing to take the social web to the next level.

Source: Jay Deragon in Relatioship Economy. Publish by Nuno Batista in blogger.


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